Foxus Mixed Reality Headset

Foxus is a project experimenting with passthrough Augmented Reality on existing devices. It uses a stereoscopic camera add-on that runs on the Oculus Quest 2 at 60fps, with full RGB passthrough.

Our latest Foxus App release is available through Sidequest, and below are the repos for developers. Please join our communities below as we work together to create something really game changing.

The Foxus is built with community support by the team at


  • Foxus
    The full application with all its dependencies and build scripts. Detailed README on how to build and run and profile it.
  • GD Foxus
    Camera module as a Godot addon. Simplified sample app with only the unprocessed stereo image displayed on a 2D plane (works on the Quest or on PC).
  • Foxus Godot
    The enhanced version of Godot Engine based on 3.5.
  • Foxus Prebuilts
    Includes the prebuilt libraries for the different external dependencies. Includes build scripts for each library.
  • Foxus Libjpeg-turbo
    Contains the sources for the modified libjpeg-turbo. Included as prebuilt library in the foxus_prebuilts repository.
  • Foxus Profiler
    Used only when Foxus is built in profiler mode.
  • STL Files for 3D Printing